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Read a great article about Auguste Frerotte, Belgian war hero and one of the very first Nacht und Nebel prisoners at the camp,

below this account of his demise on March 5, 1943, after 2 days at the KLNa, prisoner #2278.

Also see below his bio with service record and testimonial from his company and a drawing made in an earlier camp where he was held.

 A translation into English is in process.






Thank you to his great-grandson for these records of a remarkable life!

"This drawing might have been made in Gilles prison or in Fort Breendonk.

I also believe he went for a moment at "Fort Breendonk", probably between his time at Saint Gilles and his deportation to Natzweiler.

I saw his name at Breendonk when I visited to fort 20 years ago..." (his great-grandson writes.)

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