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Seel, Pierre. I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual: A Memoir of Nazi Terror Trans. Joachim Neugroschel. Basic Books/Harper Collins, 1995. A survivor of the Schirmeck-Vorbruck "reeducation camp" / Sicherichtungslager near Natzweiler  tells all, after 50 years.

Eugène Marlot, resistor, published the underground newsletter L'Espoir from Dijon, and later wrote the unofficial guide for Natzweiler-Struthof, L'Enfer d'Alsace (Alsace Inferno) which has been translated by Diana Mara Henry and is available by contacting

The book, Sac d'os, by Eugene Marlot, from which the chapters on the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp

were excerpted to form the book L'enfer d'Alsace.Back cover photo by DMH.

Rosencher, Henri. Le sel, la cendre, la flame. Paris: Kiron/Editions du Félin,       2000. Polish immigré to France forced to leave his medical studies, joins the British forces in North Africa, then the uprising in the Vercors, among many other actions, before his arrest and transport to Natzweiler and Dachau

• Scheinmann, Joseph, A.K.A. André Peulevey.  I am André:Wartime       Memoirs of a Spy for France, Ed. Diana Henry. Unpublished. Table of Contents: “To my Grandchildren,” “Childhood in Düsseldorf,” “Fighting for France,” “Spy for the British,” “By Night to London” “Prisoner of the Gestapo,” “NN at Natzweiler,” “The Concentration Camp Universe,” “From Dachau to Freedom,” “Starting Over.”

Reminiscence of a blind captive of the Nazis at the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp.

Diana Mara Henry's collection includes at least two dozen more memoirs of the

KLNa-Natweiler-Struthof concentration camp, unpublished or out of print. Please email

for a complete bibliography. Thank you.