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 Phillip Maisel has been a volunteer at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne, Australia,for over 25 years, videotaping Holocaust survivor testimonies and digitizing the collection.

He was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of that service.

Diana Mara Henry's interview of Phillip Maisel is in the collection of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum at

Phillip Maisel was an automotive electrician first in the shale oil extraction camps in Estonia for Lias-Olschiefer-Forschungsgesellschaft G.m.b.H. and then in the slave labor subcamps of Natzweiler, Dautmergen and Frommern, referred to in the ID dated May 12, 1945 above, signed by the Mayor of Ballingen.

Their death march having been ended in Ostrach by "French soldiers in British uniforms driving American tanks", the prisoners returned to Balingen where this photo was taken on the 5th of April 1945, 3 days before the end of the war.It includes members of the team who worked at the garage:

From right to left:
1st row:

2nd row:

Phillip Maisel before Frommern was a prisoner at KL Natzweiler's subcamp, Dautmergen, that he called "hell on earth."

The day Diana Mara Henry interviewed Phillip Maisel, he photographed her and sent her a couple of wonderful headshots! What an honor! Thank you Phillip!                                                                          Email us for more information and a transcript of the interview.
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