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Diana Mara Henry has devoted her creative and professional life to documenting socio-political phenomena and causes: politics, the women’s movement, and one-room schools and school teachers have all previously been the subject of her award-winning journalism in the media of photography and writing. She has been the recipient of grants from the NY State Council on the Arts and the NY Foundation for the Arts, and of the Ferguson History Prize at Harvard College, which she attended following the Lycée Français de NY.

Since 1985, when she first visited Natzweiler-Struthof, the camp has been the subject of her exhibits, lectures in French and English, research and academic pursuits. Encouraged by a variety of specialists in the history of the Second World War and the Holocaust, who recognized her to be the most knowledgeable scholar of Natzweiler, she returned for a Master’s Degree in translation at Brandeis University with the goal of widening her academic connections and focusing her project.

She now looks forward to obtaining the support of a sponsor, granting organization or a publisher in order to be bring several book-length projects, so long in preparation and on a subject so compelling, to completion.

Sir Martin Gilbert:

"I was very interested indeed about what you wrote with regard to Natzweiler. I wonder if, since you wrote, you have made further progress with your idea of a book on the camp. I feel very much that such a book should be written, and would certainly encourage you to do so. "  19 January 2002

Robert Reese:

"I have admired and been moved by the work of many...but one artist that continues to stand out is Diana Mara Henry. As a photographer, she is in possession of a remarkable gift: she knows how to present difficult material in a way that engages the viewer.This skill gives Diana Henry great influence in the world. She has put that influence to admirable use.

"Her 1990 exhibit, Vanishing Jews of Alsace and the Natzweiler-Struthof Concentration Camp...was a compelling and disquieting evocation of the holocaust that was seen and remembered by hundreds of viewers..."

Robert Abzug:

"I also learned of her complete fluency in French...Fluency is of course necessary for any serious study of Natzweiler, and her....translation has already enabled her to make survivor accounts and other pieces of history available to English-speaking audiences.

"Ms. Henry has keyed into the most important aspects of the camp....the fact that this was a major incarceration center for captured members of the french underground and other anti-Nazi political movements in western Europe....

"Let me simply reiterate that Ms. Henry's intellectual acuity, her proven skills, and her tireless devotion to this project make her an ideal candidate for a [ ] Fellowship."

Jane Stahl:

"No one could fail to be impressed by the quality and interest of your work."

Sister Rose Thiering:

"Ms. Henry's project will redress the balance of scholarship and popular historical awareness so prevalent in the USA today....Her needed study will demonstrate and appreciation and re-evaluation of the role of the resistance in the allied victory in Europe. As a member of the State of New Jersey's Commission on Holocaust education, I can assure you that this work of Ms. Henry's is of the greatest importance.

"She has created the first very fine bibliography on the concentration camp as well as other writings of innovative and distinctive character regarding the memoirs of survivors..."

Abraham Foxman:

"I am delighted to endorse Diana Mara Henry's fine exhibit...Marlot's memoir gives the exhibit an unusual degree of coherence and dramatic power."

Harold Marcuse:

"Good luck..."

Denise Lorach:

"Je suis très touchée par le travail que vous effectuez pour que l'on n'oublie pas et vous en félicite vivement...en souhaitant la réussite de vos projets...."

Elizabeth Holtzman:

"I was very moved by your photos of Alsace and hope they can be seen--because they deserve to--by a larger audience."

Full copies of these endorsements are available at Testimonials page, and on request.


Presentation History on the Natzweiler-Struthof camp by Diana Henry:


Congregation Beth Israel, Carmel, CA 1990

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts (exhibit), Carmel, CA, 1990

Alliance Francaise de la Péninsule de Monterey, 1997

Belmont, MA Public Library, 1998

Brandeis University, Romance and Comparative Literature Deparment, 1998

Harvard Hillel, Yom Hashoah, 2000

Annual Holocaust Remembrance Program, co-sponsored by the Veterans Council of Greater New Bedford, UMass-Dartmouth's Boivin Center for French Studies and Center for Jewish Culture, Ahavath Achim Synagogue, the Inter Church Council of Greater New Bedford, hosted by Tifereth Israel Synagogue, 2001



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