PNG  IHDR tIDATx^р Dq  19X\HkK.9&0 ԇEH)I)E{p3Hn6B`f&UX UBni9VrRN.FAIENDB` Natzweiler-Struthof
Rothau train station 

This is the station where prisoners bound for Natzweiler were unloaded from trains amid vicious savagery and violence. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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Through the barbed wire 

A school group, seen sitting on the terrraces where the prisoner barracks stood,trying to take it all in. A guard tower stands behind them. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry

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Cross and rose at Natzweiler 

Annual commemoration ceremonies in June include placing a rose at the foot of each gravestone in the cemetery, for French victims of the Nazis who died in the myriad concentration camps.Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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A Jewish political prisoner's grave at Natzweiler 
The inscription reads:"Manfred Rosenbaum, political prisoner, died for France, on May 22, 1945, at Buchenwald." Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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Monument and gravestones 

Above the barbed-wire encircled compound where the barracks housing the prisoners used to stand, the monument to the dead stands, with rows of gravestones for French nationals who died in the many Nazi concentration camps, not just at Natzweiler. There are some Jewish stars in among the crosses.Photos and text copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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