PNG  IHDR tIDATx^р Dq  19X\HkK.9&0 ԇEH)I)E{p3Hn6B`f&UX UBni9VrRN.FAIENDB` Natzweiler-Struthof
Commemoration ceremonies, June 1998 

Two commemoration ceremonies are held at Natzweiler each year: one in June, at which the Socialists, Communists, and other groups gather, and one in September which the groups that refuse to mix with the Socialists and Communists attend. In the evening, torches are lit on the hillside by the barracks and the graves; and in 1998, the year these photos were taken, the ashes of Eugene Marlot, author of The Hell of Alsace, were scattered, as he had requested. Photo and text copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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A time for reflection 

A survivor contemplates what's left of the camp where he was imprisoned. Who can imagine what scenes are pssing through his mind? Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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A double perimeter of barbed wire... 
seen from the top corner of the camp, with a barracks seen through the fences at top of the camp and the prison and crematorium barracks seen at bottom. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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The KartoffelKeller 

Just off the parking lot, the entrance to the Kartoffelkeller, the horrible underground facility that the some of the most severely persecuted inmates, such as the French NN's, had to dig- supposedly for potatoes but probably for a weapons manufacturing facility. Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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Entrance with Delestraint marker 
The sign posted by the entrance to the camp reads: "General Delestraint Square. Head of the secret army, imprisoned at the Struthof from the 8th of March to the 5th of September, 1944. Died for France at Dachau, April 19, 1945." Delestraint, general in charge of the resistance movements within France during the German occupation, was removed from Natzweiler with all the other prisoners, in advance of the oncoming American troops, who discovered the camp, empty of prisoners, in November of 1944. He was shot just before the Americans liberated Dachau.Photo and text Copyright Diana Mara Henry.

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